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A different kind of interval training class


When you come to a Trounce Fit class you join a team. At Trounce we support each other as each of us works on bettering ourselves through physical fitness. This class is judgement free and welcome to all fitness levels. We will have a workout that will challenge you no matter if it's your first day or your 100th. This is more than just a class as we, the trainers, get to know you and help you strive for your goals. We want to support you both during the class and in life! Trounce Fit is an interval training class that involves a series of low to high intensity periods of exercise with rest periods in between the exercises. Because the intensity of effort of each exercise changes this class provides a cardiovascular workout, which improves aerobic capacity. This class also increases an individuals endurance by pushing them to workout for a certain period of time without stopping. During this class an individual will:

  • Burn more calories

  • Be more time efficient because the individual will complete an effective workout in less time

  • Improve aerobic capacity

  • Use their body weight with minimal use in equipment

  • and will get a workout that's different and challenging every time

Trounce fit is offered as a 45 min class. Students will have the opportunity to test their fitness through a physical fitness test that will allow them to earn a ranked shirt. The tuition for this program is $80 a month.



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