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Trounce Fit

Trounce Fit is a interval training class that involves a series of low to high intensity periods of exercise with rest periods in between the exercises. Because the intensity of effort of each exercise changes this class provides a cardiovascular workout, which improves aerobic capacity and permits the person to exercise for longer and/or at more intense levels. This class also increases a individuals endurance by pushing them to workout for a certain period of time without stopping. During this class an individual will:

  • Burn more calories

  • Be more time efficient because the individual will complete an effective workout in less time

  • Improve aerobic capacity

  • Use their body weight with minimal use in equipment

  • and will get a workout that's different and challenging every time

Trounce fit is offered as a 45 min class or a 30 min workout during our Trounce Fit express. Students will have the opportunity to test their fitness through a physical fitness test that will allow them to earn a ranked shirt. Also this class is open to individuals of any fitness level. The tuition for this program is $80.00 a month.