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Trounce offers memberships with no contracts or gimmicks!

20% discount to Military, law enforcement, firefighters, Medical Professional and students. Scholarships are also offered on a needs basis

20% off the addition of another program (discount applies to the cheaper program)

$15.00 drop-in fee for attending one class

Try any 10 classes for $10.00!

Students have unlimited access to all classes at Trounce. A 20% discount is given with the addition of each family member. If there is an addition of a child each child can train for $50.00

Adult Gracie Jiu Jitsu


Students have access to unlimited Free Flow Chi classes. This is a 45 min class.

Free Flow Chi


Students have unlimited access to The Cario Kickboxing 12 classes. This is a 30 min class.

Cardio Kickboxing 12


Our Kids class are for kids 5-10 years-of-age and our youth class is for kids 11-15 years-of-age. Open mats are included in the cost of classes. This a 60 min class.

Kids & Youth BJJ


Students have unlimited access to Trounce Fit classes. Trounce Fit is a 45 min class and the express version is a 30 min class.

Trounce Fit Tuition


Private Training Tuition

Private Lessons allow for around a months worth of attention and progression in just one hour. Private sessions are set up by the student with an instructor. Up to four students may book single a private session.

Jiu Jitsu Privates

$35.00/30 mins

$60.00/60 mins

Private Lessons are sold in package to allow individuals the chance to learn Jiu Jitsu when they want to. Students have access to all open mats and 2 group classes a month with a package.

Jiu Jitsu Private Lesson Package

$216.00/4 60 min sessions a Mo.

$432.00/8 60 min sessions a Mo.

Personal Training Sessions are set up by the client who is interested in improving their health and fitness through private one-on-on sessions with a certified personal trainer. Bundles are available.

Personal Training Sessions

$40.00/30 mins

$60.00/45 mins

$80.00/60 mins