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Personal Training

Looking to invest in you and get in the best shape of your life? Personal Training could be just the tool that you need to reach your health and wellness goals, and be at your best. Personal training is just that it is individualized sessions that you schedule with a certified personal trainer to work on your fitness and wellness goals. Each session is tailored just to your needs, and during your session you are the focus. Personal Training has several benefits and those include:

  • Faster and better results

  • Proper fat loss and muscle gain

  • Reduced chance of injury

  • Establish exercise as a lifetime habit

  • Overcome plateaus

At Trounce our Personal Trainers are certified under The National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), which is considered the "Gold Standard" in fitness. In fact NASM certified personal trainers (CPT) are some of the most sought after in the personal trainers in the industry. NASM CPTs are required to have comprehensive knowledge of human movement science, functional anatomy, physiology and kinesiology, as well as functional assessment and program design. Prices are $30.00 for 30min, $45.00 for 45min, and $60.00 for 60min. Discounts for purchasing bundles are available.