Trounce Free Flow Chi is based on Tai Chi, which is a meditative Chinese martial art practiced for both its defense training and health benefits.  Free Flow Chi classes combine the best elements of fitness, meditation & the ancient martial art of Free Flow Chi to help you harness your inner power. With Free Flow Chi's integrative approach that strengthens the body while focusing the mind, Free Flow Chi addresses a range of physical and mental health issues including bone strength, joint stability, cardiovascular health, immunity, and emotional well-being. Free Flow Chi is especially useful for improving balance and preventing falls. This class also focuses on an individual's flexibility, which is important because flexibility allows for easier and deeper movements while building strength and stability.

Trounce Free Flow Chi Program

Trounce's Free Flow Chi Program is a participative exercise course that incorporates common Tai Chi postures from the Yang Style. Tai Chi is a healing martial art that combines martial arts movements with energy (qi or chi) circulation, deep breathing, and stretching techniques. The program is designed to take the student through a progression of different shirt colors that signify what forms each student has learned and what level of fitness they have achieved. Throughout the program, the student will focus on several objectives that include: improving balance, flexibility, and cardiovascular health; assistance in relieving stress, reducing pain and muscle stiffness; increased knowledge of the history of Tai Chi; and identifying the health benefits of Tai Chi. The curriculum for the program can be found here.



"I've participated in several classes at Trounce and highly recommend them.
The Tai Chi class is superb. I have personal training sessions with Christina and she is so positive and encouraging! Already seeing benefits! Give them a try!"

- Diane Bottomley