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Education. Exploration. Satisfaction.

We provide virtual personal training and face to face personal training sessions.  Since our founding, Trounce Martial Art Fitness has had the opportunity to help countless students become more physically fit and gain more confidence in their health and wellness journey.  We take pride in not only helping our students understand the physical importance of exercise, but also the mental benefits of exercising regularly.

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Trounce offers virtual personal training sessions to help adults develop a healthier and more active lifestyle through accountability.  



Invest in your fitness at Trounce Martial Art Fitness! At Trounce we offer different packages, from face to face and virtual personal training, that can fit most budgets.


"If you are searching for a place for interval/circuit training that will challenge, support and encourage you, Trounce is for you! I have been working out at Trounce for 6 months and am still as excited to show up and work out as day 1. They are able to modify and tailor workouts to help you maximize your progress. I started at Trounce to help my tennis game and Kate and Chris researched ways to help improve my game thru exercise! The first week is free so what are you waiting for!"

- Carole Clohessy

"Best place for your fitness, wellness, and great mood. It has something for everybody. Most importantly, in Trounce MAF you will find support and encouragement you need to stay on course, without which, I know, I would not have been able to achieve what I have achieved in the last 6 months. Thank you!"

- Ira Livshits

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